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Affordable – 50% less expensive because our system is installed and bonded directly to your existing roof which eliminates many unnecessary costs such as tear off, disposal fees, disruption of business operations, and re-construction costs. The cost of this system can also be treated as a, “roof repair,” for an immediate tax deduction, instead of a, “roof replacement,” – which calls for depreciating the value of the installation over many years.


Indestructible – our system combines multiple layers of specially formulated polymers that have been lab tested for adhesion, flexibility, and weather resistance. Your new roof will be stronger and thicker than ever before at 32 mils of fluid applied finish. It will be virtually impervious to acid rain, high salinity content in the air (near shore areas), and other air-borne contaminants.


Sustainable – due to the highly reflective characteristics of our system, intense solar energy is reflected back into the atmosphere, which drastically reduces annual energy costs for the building owner. Business owners can receive a deduction up to $1.80 per square foot for commercial buildings that save a minimum of 50% on energy costs, including lighting, heating and cooling, when compared with national standards.


Smart – this system provides a seamless, “closed,” roof. Once all of the penetrations, joints, fasteners, and susceptible areas are sealed, the result is a single membrane with no overlaps or butting, where leaks always occur. This seamless roof nullifies the effects of expansion and contraction that all building materials cycle through. Other roofs are susceptible to shifting, loosening, and cracking but our system has been proven to be 98% less likely to be breached during 3,500+ major weather events that have taken place since the 1980’s.


IntelliGuard offers a 10-year manufacturer or 20-year service warranty to further ensure your peace of mind! Have questions?


Reach out to our warranty department today at

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