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IGA-8A3; Base & Top

This product is an elastomeric, copolymer, liquid rubber coating formulated for superior elongation, tensile strength, UV resistance, and exceptional weathering characteristics. This flexible membrane has excellent waterproofing performance and resistance to the ozone, as well as low temperature flexibility. For questions regarding our products, email us directly at

IG-9; Flashing Grade

This product is an acrylic, self-plasticizing, gapping material that withstands ultraviolet light, extreme temperatures, mildew formation, and heavy foot traffic. This flexible acrylic will accommodate building movement without cracking or splitting. It was designed to fill deep voids around projections, repair splits, blisters, & seams – and to seal fasteners, head laps, and bolt heads.

Ironclad™ fibersheet
This product is a better alternative to conventional felts in tensile strength, elongation, tear strength, and puncture resistance. It provides superior reinforcement and is made from a stitch bonded polyester that makes it a high quality, durable, and permanent solution.
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