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Your Roof.

        Our Passion.

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IntelliGuard™ manufactures a patented,
fluid applied, elastomeric roof system across multiple geographically diverse regions in the Northeastern United States. Our IntelliGuard™ roofing system has proven 98% less likely to be breached during 3,500+ major weather events that have taken place since the 1980’s.


IntelliGuard™ is applied in a three-step process. First a fluid base layer is applied, which is immediately followed by a rough-in broomed layer of Ironclad™ fibersheet. After this cures, the system is then, “closed,” with a final fluid applied layer which creates a solid and impenetrable, cast-like finish.


The maximum benefits of any product are achieved through proper installation. IntelliGuard's superior warranties are assured by the thorough screening, selection, and training of independent, authorized contractors. They are the key to the longevity that is achieved via the IntelliGuard roofing system.

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