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How can I hire the best commercial roofing company near me?

Like most nagging questions, the answer to this is not the same for every building owner. There are many things to consider when hiring a roofer for your commercial location. To encompass the full picture you'll need to consider to following items...

  • Proper workman's comp insurance

  • A 5 star rating

  • References that are recent

  • Successful work on similar projects

  • Meeting the entire team at pre-contract meetup

  • Deep understanding of the roofing systems & products

  • Background checks on the entire team

  • Warranty information based off of your future plans for the building

  • Custom recommendations which keep your best interest in mind

We realize that a bullet point list doesn't help much in the interview process, so we created the following checklist to help guide you through this important process. Click here to download our printable Contractor Hiring Checklist, for free!


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